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Solutions Beyond The Obvious

OurĀ People

Our people are the thinkers, doers, and go-getters that get stuff done. Working smarter not harder to deliver solutions beyond the obvious.


Agility speaks to our power in the ability to make quick or sudden adjustments without disrupting progress.


Our drive comes from our ability to be thinkers and doers of things. Our curiosity and thirst for challenges propels us forward.


Collaboration is in our ability to work jointly with others and harness productive and efficient intellectual horsepower.

Check Out Some of Our Work


Commercial Vehicle Group

CVG (and its subsidiaries) is a leading supplier of a full range of cab related products and systems for the global commercial vehicle market, including ...

Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (HSI) purchased a long-time PSI client, Modern Medical. Healthcare Solutions engaged PSI to provide senior-level technology and organizational management expertise. This included ...

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS)

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) sought ways to improve the level of service it offered to Ohio residents. With the pervasive ...

FeaturedĀ Clients

Our number one priority and commitment is to deliver, at all times, a world-class service that enables our clients to improve business performance and reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.

L Brands
Columbus City Schools
The Ohio State University
Franklin County
Columbus Regional Airport Association
Ohio School for Blind
MPW Industrial Services
Commercial Vehicle Group
The State of Ohio