At PSI, our passion is solving problems. We take pride in learning the fine points of our clients’ obstacles and areas for opportunity, then identifying the most efficient and effective solutions. We tackle tough issues, drive growth, manage change and get it right the first time.

Enterprise Insight Management (EIM)

Our proven methodology, Enterprise Insight Management (EIM), provides the business acumen and business technology (BT) expertise to ensure that your technology investment strategy is sound and in alignment with your business goals and objectives. We take a strategic approach to helping you improve customer experience through business agility while reducing costs, business and technical risks. Through EIM we manage and consistently deliver cost-effective, speed-to-value (S2V) solutions across the diverse set of technology initiatives. Let EIM assist your organization in establishing, defining, aligning and implementing the strategies that will deliver transformational change and competitive advantage.

Our EIM methodology is designed to achieve, protect, and empower your business goals and objectives

Our success in delivering solutions even for the most arduous of problems is due to our insatiable desire to create the right solution and produce a higher level of efficiency benefitting our client’s and our client’s clients. The notable expertise and thought leadership of our project delivery team combined with our tenacity to get things done results in not just the right solution, but the solution that works for you. By working with PSI, our clients have realized increased efficiency, innovation, production, and problem solving capabilities.

Experience Breeds Knowledge

Our collective team experience includes solution development experience across the software development lifecycle from solution envisioning to development and implementation. We are often called on to ensure project success through a number of mechanisms including As-Is: To-Be Assessments and in other situations we have successfully provided project oversight in order to successfully manage initiatives to production. Our team has operationalized solutions across multiple industries helping healthcare and retail and public sector organizations maximize efficiencies through the delivery of technical solutions. Finally our delivery team has enveloped solutions across internal users, customer portals and mobile solutions enabling the entire spectrum of our client’s customer spectrum delivering high-productivity and efficient solutions on behalf of our clients.

Business Evolution Framework

The PSI approach to Assessment and Analysis incorporates the PSI Business Evolution Framework which utilizes industry best practices while simultaneously leveraging our client’s business expertise and technological leadership in order to foster a collaborative effort yielding quantifiable results. Our approach seeks to provide a high-energy and high-impact evaluation that yields high-value requirements that feed subsequent efforts throughout the entire analysis process. The PSI approach takes a methodical and formative view of the existing process, the functionality contained within the process and the business rules enforced by the process. We then collaborate with the business users to map the functional perspective to the business perspective (goals and objectives) resulting in a three dimensional view of the As-Is: To-Be evaluations.

Leadership through Transparency

We have demonstrable accomplishments in delivering on-time and on-budget projects for our clients through our rigorous approach to risk mitigation and issue management. Working under the simple philosophy of “rigorous transparency”, our Stakeholder Management reveals all project events and decisions to the project stakeholders and ensures their understanding and involvement throughout the life of the project. The transparency effect enforces the role of the PSI Project Leader as the facilitator of the project whose responsibility of driving engagement is a top priority. Finally, risk mitigation is our key to ensure project goals and objectives and timelines are successfully accomplished.

JAaM Session

To be sure, the PSI JAaM Sessions are noisy, active, passionate, and absolutely productive. While concepts of whiteboards and facilitation are indeed present, the focus of the PSI Joint Analysis and Modeling Session is on driving a thought-provoking encounter to the heart of the business need by actively engaging your business masterminds. The session attempts to execute a wide versus deep vision followed by deep dives based on the time available to the team. PSI expects to be able to develop the beginning “brush strokes” which would position our client to craft and implement strategies that increase the value proposition of the organization.

Case Study

The Franklin County Auditor had an existing project in flight to implement the Integrated Real Estate Tax Accounting Software (RMS). RMS is a modular system, enabling it to operate as a tightly integrated turn-key solution just as well as it can as individual, stand-alone components. From property management to computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA), tax billing, extension, collection, and excise tax management, RMS is a one stop solution for revenue management needs. PSI awarded contract to provide Project Advisory and Management Support Services to deliver the project.