Innovative IT Solutions

Solve your most tenacious business challenges with our carefully calculated strategies that drive ROI and increase overall profitability.


As Internet of Things (IoT) continues to disrupt industries, organizations are struggling to thoughtfully and effectively take advantage of the true benefits that IoT has to offer. PSI’s talented team of experts is here to advise your organization through navigation of connected business processes and implementation of IoT. We consider your investment for the long run and ideate on strategies to increase your ROI, drive growth, improve customer experience and optimize existing processes.

Internet of


As wireless innovation continues, machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity—the so-called “Internet of Things”— will further accelerate mobile opportunity and transform how people and our economy interact with the many tools of modern life.

Executive Oversight

Executive-level project oversight for broad-scale technology strategy can overwhelm business leadership and create new and unexpected challenges. PSI facilitates the development of strategic direction and provides oversight to ensure IT resources are used and appropriately managed. Simply put, PSI oversees the pre-selection, selection, control and evaluation of strategic and designated IT projects and procurements to support enterprise objectives. We engage in opportunity selections, then oversee the portfolio of selections that have been made.

Program and Project Management

PSI’s Project Management Team has a consistent track record of delivering technology solutions on time and on budget. With dedicated, certified project managers, PSI helps clients’ navigate, adapt, and leverage technology with proven project management solutions that are both effective and cost efficient. The benefit? By capitalizing on PSI’s experience, client organizations reduce project risk, speed-to-market and improve successful implementation by ensuring projects are delivered when, where and how users need it. We have experienced demonstrable success applying our project management competency across a variety of client needs. These needs have included project management serving: package implementations, deliverable-based initiatives and third party technology efforts.

Enterprise Architecture

We offer Enterprise Architecture consulting to a wide variety of organizations throughout every stage of implementation. From general consulting to more continuous step-by-step collaborative assistance, we customize our services to support your mission critical transformation projects. PSI collaborates with clients to provide IT architecture solutions which improve business performance overall. PSI does not have a one-size fits-all approach to architecture. It is our goal to truly create a solution that meets your needs. From managing adaptability to reducing IT spend, we enhance IT architecture strategy with creative process and careful thought.


PSI maximizes the value of mobility for our clients by creating efficient, effective strategies that enhance data analysis and usability. Our mobile capabilities provide new ways to stream revenue, increase workforce connectivity and increase productivity overall. We create solutions based on extensive knowledge in our clients’ industries, marketplace and users, as well as prioritizing budget and efficiency.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

PSI is ready to take your business to the next level by harnessing raw, unused data and turning it into dynamic tools that increase ROI, provide accurate analysis measurements and keep your company ahead of the competition—and closer to your goals. No matter the industry, we at PSI are determined to take your company to the next level.

Application Development

When it comes to application development, we at PSI focus on two main objectives: increasing your organization’s use of digital tools, and using those tools to create opportunities for CIOs to engage customers directly.The successful operationalization of our custom developed applications has continuously delivered across three time honored goals: our projects are delivered on time, within budget, encompassing the full set of planned functional requirements.

IT Staff Augmentation

We define what it means to utilize the industry’s best practices to recruit and qualify highly skilled and experienced candidates to respond to our client’s resource needs. PSI provides clients the resources needed to plan, develop, implement, and manage even the most complex technology initiatives. Our culture is built on empowering people, deploying the right talent and skill sets and optimizing our client’s mix of internal staff, outside consultants and project outsourcing.

Workforce Solutions

Our approach to workforce management is to provide our clients with solutions that best meet their needs. Our experienced staff offer practical, efficient, and cost-effective best practices that enable process improvement, business change, and cost reduction. While balancing technical and functional business experience, our team works side-by-side with our clients, to ensure the outcome of a well-defined management strategy with executable goals and objectives. PSI not only supports our clients with a well thought-out strategy, but also assists in the execution of target goals and objectives.