Workforce Solutions

PSI has been delivering innovative workforce solutions to leading organizations since 2008. Our award-winning solutions focus on operational excellence and discipline, enabling our clients to achieve greater workforce control and performance.

Workforce Solutions
“PSI Workforce Solutions delivers measurable return on investment (ROI) and positive business impact for our clients on every engagement.”

No company can meet its goals and objectives without the imagination, skills and hard work of its people – the most valuable resource in today’s competitive business environment. PSI helps you manage your workforce by offering solutions that improve performance creating bottom line results.

Employer of Record/Payroll-ing

PSI provides Employer of Record services designed to help you manage your workforce of full-time and non-traditional employees, including contract workers, freelancers, employees, interns, retirees or alumni, and staff for special projects. Whether you need pass through payroll solutions for co-employment or just payroll for temporary workers, our payroll solutions provide you with compliance tools for you and your staff so you can mitigate risk and focus on your business.

Independent Contractor Compliance

Independent contractor compliance laws are complicated–often vague, contradictory, and ever-changing. Even with the best intentions, it can be impossible for companies who work with contractors to navigate the potential minefield of requirements to stay compliant. By implementing our customized independent contractor compliance solution, clients will experience the following benefits: a decreased time to hire, improved fill rates, an increased quality of human capital, reduced early-stage turnover, minimized administrative effort, and 1099 compliance.

Employment Screening

At PSI, we recognize that a company’s performance and reputation depends on the quality of their people. Making the right hiring decisions is critical to your business success. But getting it right isn’t easy. Making the wrong hire can sink morale, hinder productivity – and expose your company to workplace and financial risks. PSI provides comprehensive screening services including a national criminal check, drug screening, credit check, reference check, education verification, motor vehicle report that help our clients make informed hiring decisions.

Skills Assessment

Our commitment to business process improvement means we’re continually improving how we serve our clients – and how our clients do business.  Kenexa’s behavioral assessment tools are ideal for most positions. These assessments have a proven track record of predicting performance across multiple organizations, while remaining free of any adverse impact. If you want to make the right hire for your organization, streamline your recruiting process, or improve control of your contingent workforce costs and risks, our experience and expertise makes PSI the right choice.

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